General Frequently asked Question

  • When are tryouts?

Tryouts take place in September. Registration for tryouts take place mid/late August.  Check the  Tryout Dates tab to see if tryout dates, times and locations have been released.


  • How much does the program cost?

The cost of registration for each student-athlete to participate in the 2022-2023 basketball season is $300.00. What is included in the cost is:

    • Wisconsin Youth Basketball League (WYBL) league participation fees
    • Tournament entry fees
    • Insurance
    • Equipment


  • If we have multiple kids in the program, is the fee still $300 per child?

If your family has more than one boy in the program, the participation fee for the first child is $300. Each additional child in the family will receive a $50 discount.


  • How much are uniforms and do I need to purchase a new uniform every year?

Uniforms are a separate cost and prices for the 2022-2023 season are as follows:
Reversible Game Jersey - $45
Reversible Game Shorts - $45
Practice Jersey - $22
Shooting Shirt - $22

Uniforms do not need to be purchased every season. Only purchase when needed.


  • How many practices are there and where are they held?

There are usually two practices per week (where and when are determined by age, coaches’ schedules and gym availability). Practices are held at Poplar Creek Elementary and New Berlin West middle school gym and fieldhouse.


  • How many games are there and where are they held?

Starting in November, there are two league games every other Sunday at various middle/high schools in the Milwaukee/Waukesha area. Each team will play a total of 16 league games plus a season ending league tournament in early March. The end of season tournament is a minimum of 2 games and as many as 5 games. In addition, each team will play 3-6 tournaments (determined by the coach) including our own tournament at New Berlin West. Younger grade teams will play in fewer tournaments, while older grades will play in more. Thus, depending on grade, each team will play between 30-45 games.


  • How long is the season?

Practices generally start around October 1st with league games starting early/mid November. The end of season league tournament as well as other state tournaments at each grade level typically occur in early to mid-March.


  • If my family is going through a rough time financially or has other extenuating circumstances, is there a payment plan that can be worked out?

YES! Please contact the club’s Treasurer and he/she will bring that information to the attention of the rest of the board and a plan will be worked out.