Tryout Frequently asked Questions

  • What do I need to do prior to tryouts?

Please register online for tryouts. Registration usually opens mid to late August.  Registering online makes the day of tryouts go smooth for both you and the personal checking in your son.  If you do not get a confirmation email from the site, you did not fully complete the registration.


  • What should my son bring to tryouts?

A basketball (with name on it), water bottle, and a pair of basketball shoes or tennis shoes that have not been outside.  Please do not wear outdoor shoes on the gym floors!


  • Can I watch the tryouts?

Yes, our tryouts are open to parents to watch.  We just ask that you be quiet on the sidelines.

2020 season - Parents will NOT be allowed to watch tryouts.  Need to limit the number of people in the gym.


  • When will we know if my son has made a team?

Your family will receive a decision call or email 48 hours following tryouts.  For example, if you son’s tryout is on Monday, you will receive a call or email by Wednesday night.